What's in your products?

All ingredients are listed from A-Z.
Watch out for anything highlighted in red as they are ones to be avoided such as parabens and sulfates!
If what you are looking for isn't listed please get in touch and it will be added to the directory.


Aqua – Water!

Benzyl Alcohol - Naturally produced by some plants but also made by mixing Benzyl Chloride and Sodium Chloride together. It can make the skin more sensitive, increase allergens or irritate it. In the EU the maximum allowed within beauty products is 1%. As well as being a preservative in many beauty products it is also used as a solvent (often in paint solvents) and to develop photos. It is also an anaesthetic within some products e.g. to relieve itchy eyes.  


Cetyl Alcohol – An alcohol which is produced from fat (not a fermented alcohol). It is very similar to Stearyl Alcohol. Originally created from whale oil, but now mainly made from vegetable oils. It is used to thicken products and can possibly irritate those with sensitive dry skin or eczema; however it is often within eczema products. 

Chloride – also see Sodium Chloride – A mineral... salt! It is often found in products to help thicken them

Coco Glucoside – Made from coconut oil and fruit sugars this is used within products as a foaming agent. It is not known to irritate the skin as it is a very gentle ingredient making it safe to use in baby products too. 


Disodium EDTA – A foaming and cleaning agent which is found in everything from beauty products to food and cleaning products. It can also help other ingredients within the product absorb into the skin. (Look out for it in junk food too as when eaten it has the potential to be very carcinogenic aka a direct cause of cancer!)


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